What​ ​You​ ​Need​ ​In​ ​A​ ​Commercial​ ​Real​ ​Estate​ ​Partner

Posted on: 15 November 2017

A lot of success stories in the real estate market are attributed to finding the right partners. Whether you are focused on commercial real estate or residential, the right people to help make up your team will always make a huge impact on the direction that your venture is likely going to trend. It is important to remember that a perfect match is not always the case. For instance, you may not always be able to expect the same expertise as you yourself have from a partner that is going to be mainly responsible for pouring the much-needed funds to your venture. [Read More]

Effective Ways To Get Specific When You Write Your Resume

Posted on: 15 November 2017

Whenever you submit your resume in the hopes of getting called for a job interview, you need to remember that the manager who will hopefully take a few minutes to go through your application is also looking at many others. Anyone who reads numerous resumes back to back will be inundated with cliches — sentiments such as working well individually and as a team member, handling deadlines well, and being effective in dealing with customers. [Read More]

Looking To Rent A Moving Truck? Be Sure To Budget For These Items Which May Not Be Included In The Rental Price

Posted on: 15 November 2017

If you are preparing to move, you may be looking to reserve a moving truck rental for the big day. However, when you go to obtain an estimate, you may not realize that there are many items that are not included in the price of your moving truck rental. Knowing what these items are will help you properly budget for your upcoming move. Here are a few of the items which are typically not included in the estimate for a moving truck rental. [Read More]

Important Things To Look Into When Buying Your First Houseboat

Posted on: 14 November 2017

It is the dream of many people to live on the water. Perhaps you are someone who has watched movies in which people live on a houseboat and you have fantasized about owning one yourself. Maybe it won't be your primary home, but maybe it's an alternative to buying a vacation home somewhere. It is incredibly romantic to own a houseboat, but if you don't plan out the correct vetting process, you might end up with a headache instead of a dream. [Read More]