The Benefits Of An Air Filter Subscription Service

Posted on: 18 June 2019

This generation (and all the living generations before it) live in a time where literally anything can be delivered to the home. In fact, many companies that specialize in just one sort of product are creating subscription delivery services. One such service, air filter subscription, may seem like a real head-scratcher, but it does have its benefits. Check out the benefits below. 

Never Have to Shop a Big Box Store or Hardware Store for Furnace Filters Again

It is always an extra stop or a stop at a big box store that sells everything from nails to milk. When you would rather not stop at such a store or make the extra stop at a hardware store, you can simply sign up to have your furnace filters delivered to your door. Then, you can go wherever you like for groceries, and go home. (Since you can also have your groceries delivered now, you may not even have to leave home for that, either.)

Never Buy the Wrong Size Filter Again

How many times have you gone to the store and stood in front of the furnace filter section, and then realized that you did not know with certainty what the size of your furnace's filter was? It is even worse when you guess and find out that you guessed wrong. Then you have to make a second run back to the store to get the correct size filter and make the exchange before coming home to install it in your furnace. If you choose a subscription service like Forget My Filter, you are forced to check your current filter for the correct size and enter that into the information box on the sign-up page online. The correct size filter(s) is/are shipped to your door every time. 

Get More and Better Information About Which Kinds of Filters to Buy

There is the most basic furnace filter you can buy. It is the cheapest, but you also have to replace it more often. It also does not do much for removing allergens from the air in your home. When you stand in front of the filter section in a store, you have to read all of the packaging of all of the filters to determine which one is ideal for your home. If you make the right choice, you can buy a high-quality filter that you can use for three months and which will remove all allergens from the air. You need this kind of information to make a good decision about filter options, but you are only going to get that wealth of information from the online subscription service for air filters.