• About Corporate Leadership Training

    When a small business is growing, it can become too busy for an owner to run on his or her own, which usually requires hiring employees. However, hiring employees can be a risky move for a business owner when it comes to keeping the business afloat. The reason why is that a lack of skills in the employees can lead to the wrong decisions being made and several things going wrong, especially when those employees are in leadership positions. [Read More]

  • How Advisors Can Help Private Equity Firms With Value Creation

    If you manage a private equity firm, value creation is something you want to achieve because then your firm can maximize deals and earn more money. Hiring an advisor to achieve value creation is a good idea because of these payoffs. Thorough Vendor Assessment Once your private equity acquires a new organization, analyzing the vendors currently in place is key, which is something a private equity firm advisor can help with in regards to value creation. [Read More]