How To Choose The Best Solenoid Valve Manufacturer For Your Needs

Posted on: 28 June 2023

Selecting the ideal solenoid valve manufacturer is pivotal for ensuring the success of various applications that rely on this key component. These electromechanically-operated valves are some of the most often used control parts in fluidics due to their long service life, low control power, and compact design. However, given the diversity in solenoid valve types and their specific uses, the selection process can be complex.

Assessing Valve Design: Pilot-Operated vs. Direct-Acting

The valve design is a critical aspect to consider. Direct-acting solenoid valves are ideal for systems requiring small flow rates, while pilot-operated valves are designed for larger flow applications. Check if the manufacturer has expertise in producing the specific valve design needed for your specific application.

Actuator Mechanisms: Linear, Plunger-Type, Pivoted Armature, and Rocker

Different actuator mechanisms such as linear action, plunger-type, pivoted armature, and rocker offer varying levels of efficiency and accuracy. Look for a manufacturer who demonstrates proficiency in producing the specific type of actuator mechanism you need.

Two-Port or Three-Port Solenoid Valves

Two-port solenoid valves are commonly used to regulate fluid flow, while three-port designs are used for switching flows between ports. The three-port design connects a supply port to an exhaust port. Even more complicated designs exist, too. Know your needs and seek out a manufacturer that produces what you need. 

Fluid Control Proficiency

Different solenoid valves are needed for various fluid types and characteristics. It's very important to use a valve with the correct fluid control proficiency. Whether the application involves water, oil, gas, or air, choose a manufacturer that specializes in producing valves for that specific fluid type. 

Consideration of Magnetic Field Strength

Solenoid valves operate using a magnetic field, and different applications may require varying field strengths. A reputable manufacturer will be able to guide you toward the right solenoid valve considering the necessary magnetic field strength.

Product Quality and Adherence to Industry Standards

Quality remains a fundamental factor to consider. The performance and safety of a solenoid valve can significantly impact an application's effectiveness. The ideal manufacturer should be certified by recognized industry bodies and adhere to stringent quality standards specific to solenoid valves.


Selecting the right solenoid valve manufacturer involves a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the application at hand. Considerations such as valve design, actuator mechanisms, port configuration, fluid type, and magnetic field strength are all important. Alongside these technical factors, the manufacturer's adherence to industry standards and its reputation in the market play a significant role. By taking a meticulous approach to these factors, you can successfully choose a manufacturer that aligns with your specific needs and requirements.

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