Why Do You Need a Cell Tower Rental Consultant?

Posted on: 14 June 2021

When you get an offer from a wireless company to erect a cell phone tower on your land, you might be excited about being paid to have a tower on your property. However, before signing a lease agreement, it's wise to have a cell tower rental consultant on hand. Read on to learn why.

Understand Legal Terms

Above all, a consultant knows the ins and outs of these kinds of lease agreements. Even if you're a savvy businessperson, cell tower agreements have language and clauses you may be unfamiliar with. A consultant has viewed dozens, if not hundreds of cell tower agreements and knows how to ensure your interests are protected. They can also explain certain portions of the agreement you don't understand.

Set Expectations for Land Use

A common issue that a consultant can help you with is putting parameters in place regarding the land used in the lease. In theory, the wireless company will only rent a certain portion of your land for the cell phone tower. However, in practice, they could end up using much more land for a period of months as the company pours the foundation and erects the tower. This can mean that your property will have several more vehicles, lights and people on it than usual. All the traffic might affect other uses of your land or disturb your family for a certain amount of time. A consultant will help you set rules and expectations regarding these activities.

Address Property Sales

If your lease has a clause for Right-of-First-Refusal (ROFR), you'll have to inform the wireless company when you want to sell your property or lease to a buyer. With a ROFR clause in place, the wireless company can put off buyers by interfering or offering you more money. A consultant can ensure that this clause will only help you and not lock you into a property or conditions that you no longer wish to be in.

Determine Compensation for Non-Use

The wireless company could plan to use your property, but there are occasions where the deal might fall through. The company might get the results of soil samples that reveal your property isn't the best for a tower, for instance, or their own budget could be strained and they scrap the idea midway through the installation process. Sometimes property owners are left holding the bag with dug up land or a concrete pad that no longer serves a purpose. A cell tower consultant will ensure that you are compensated even if the tower is no longer going to be put on your property.