When a Water Well Pump Puller Is Needed

Posted on: 26 March 2021

Even if you have well water, there is a chance that you aren't too familiar with the various types of tools that are commonly used in the industry. However, it's not a bad idea to learn about some of the common tools that well pump installers and repair professionals often use. For example, water well pump pullers are commonly used. These are a few examples of the different types of jobs that water well pump pullers are often used for.

1. Repairing Broken Well Lines

Hopefully, you will never have to worry about a broken well line. After all, a broken well line can cause flooding on your property, can significantly reduce water pressure or could prevent you from having access to water at all inside the home. If there is a broken well line, then a well pump puller will probably be needed to remove the well pump. After all, it might be in the way right now, making it difficult or impossible for the repair professional to address the well line. Once the pump is out of the way, they should be able to repair the damaged well line. Then, they will put the well pump back in place.

2. Dealing With a Damaged Electrical Wire

As you probably already know, your water well pump has to have electricity to operate. If there is a damaged electrical wire, the technician might have to move the well pump out of the way so that they can either repair or replace the electrical wire. To do so, they will need to remove the well pump with a well pump puller.

3. Replacing a Well Pump

Lastly, if you have a well pump that needs to be replaced, then you should know that the professional who comes out to swap it out will obviously have to remove your old well pump. When doing so, they might need to use a water well pump puller so that they can remove the old well pump and dispose of it. Then, they will be able to easily install your new water well pump.

As you can see, those who install or work on water well pumps typically have to use a water well pump puller regularly. Luckily, these companies often own these tools, or they have the option to rent them when they need one for a job. Contact pump puller services to learn more.