Own A Business? Two Reasons To Offer Bottled Mineral Water In Your Waiting Room

Posted on: 16 October 2020

If you service clients out of a brick-and-mortar facility, every little part of your building either adds or detracts from the overall impression that a customer has of your business. From the moment your guests enter the parking lot they are subconsciously taking notes. Is the grass manicured? Do you need to have your asphalt repaved to repair potholes? How are the decorations inside the lobby area? All of these questions should most definitely be addressed. However, if you really want to add a special touch serving bottled mineral water in your waiting room is a great way to do it.

Bottled Water Is A Classy Fixture

Setting up a sleek cooler that features a transparent door where viewers can easily see rows of bottled water is a very appealing appliance to have in any waiting area. Some companies choose to provide water to visitors by installing a fountain and placing plastic cups near it. It's a nice gesture but it usually doesn't elicit the same appreciative glances as bottled water.

Purchasing bottled mineral water for your guests demonstrates how much you value their patronage. Not only are you treating visitors to a refreshing beverage while they are on your premises, but they can take the mineral water with them when they leave due to the twist-off cap. It's much easier to carry a bottle of water as opposed to trying to tote a paper cup around. The wide-open space at the top of the cup can result in the majority of the water to leak out over the sides!

Promote The Health Of Your Visitors With Mineral Water

Even though you may not run a medically-oriented business it's still good practice to promote the health and welfare of your customers. After all, when guests are in good physical condition they will likely have the energy to attend your business over and over again.

Mineral water is said to have some great health benefits. Minerals contained in the water have been shown to promote bone health, possibly lower high blood pressure, and even contribute to maintaining a healthy heart. These are excellent side effects that you might want to put on a poster alongside the mineral water dispensing station so customers will recognize that you understand the effectiveness of mineral water and only want to offer them the best.

You may want to sign up with a water delivery service so your bottles can be delivered every week. Start serving bottled mineral water and hopefully your business will always be associated with excellence.Contact a mineral water service for more information.