Vinyl Banners Are Useful For Temporary And Portable Signs

Posted on: 16 December 2018

Vinyl banners make great temporary signs for your business to advertise sales or to use for special events. These signs are lightweight and easy to store so you can use them multiple times. However, vinyl banners are also affordable enough for one time use. Here are some tips for creating and using vinyl banners.

Know Where And How The Banner Will Hang

Knowing where the banner will be positioned helps you choose the right colors. If the banner will be against a white wall, then you don't want a banner with a white background. If the banner is against a busy background, then you may want a plain banner rather than one with a lot of graphics that will blend in with the background and make your banner difficult to read. Knowing how you'll hang the banner helps you order the right style. Banners can be made with grommets, sewn-in ropes, and pockets for poles depending on where you intend to place them.

Choose Colors And Text That Draw Attention

You may want to use your company colors on the banner, but you may also want colors that stand out and draw attention. Neon colors or bright red or orange will stand out and be seen in a busy commercial environment. Text is also very important because people need to read it from far away. Using fewer words is better so your message can be read quickly. However, you can tailor the text to how people will read your banner. For instance, if the banner will be seen by shoppers as they enter your store instead of from the street, then more words and smaller font might work when you want to convey detailed information.

Include Images When Suitable

Graphic images and photos add emotion to your banner and they're eye-catching. A good image can convey your message without the need for a lot of text. High-resolution vinyl banners have clear and detailed images that can boost your advertising message. Include an image of people, your store products, food, or generic images that relate to your company and the event or sale.

Vinyl banners can be quite useful for your advertising needs. They're perfect for occasional and temporary use, and they're easy for you to hang or install yourself. These banners can be used inside or outside, and they're easy to take to remote locations. You may find many uses for vinyl banners so you can change your message frequently and keep things fresh for your customers. Contact a company, like Davis Sign Co, for more help.