3 Useful Functions Of Modern Color Grading Software

Posted on: 4 October 2018

As a videographer, being able to appropriately edit your videos clip by clip to achieve the perfected color and effects is hugely important to the best-designed end product. If you are still working with an outdated color grading software as you edit and dealing with all of its shortcomings, there is no time like the present to upgrade what you have. The truth is, modern programs like Cinema Grade allow you to take full advantage of the color grading capabilities you should have access to as you edit. Take a look at some of the most useful functions of modern color grading software. 

1. The ability to jump back and forth between single clips.  

Being able to maneuver back and forth between single clips quickly allows you to make slight color grade adjustments between multiple shots almost at one time. The best modern color grading software programs will make it simple to do just that. Usually, you will be able to keep a running list of all clips you have been working on in a flow line across the bottom of the screen, so they can be easily recalled to work on as they are needed. 

2. The ability to create hero shots and match other clips to it. 

If you achieve the perfected color grade or contrast on one clip, and you wish to match those same effects to other clips in your video, a good color grading software will make it easy for you to do that. You can create a hero shot after you get a single clip just where you want it, and then use that hero shot to match the same effects on other images. All you have to do is designate one finished clip as the hero image and use it as you edit the rest to apply the same settings. 

3. The ability to use the color grading software with your preferred program. 

Every videographer prefers to work with a certain type of editing program, and some definitely are better than others. When you pick up a modern color grading software to work with the program setup you are currently using, you should have no problem using all features the new software has to offer with your preferred editing program. Some of the more outdated color grading software additions would have quirks and limitations with specific editing programs, but more modern color grading additions are far more versatile.