Break Into The Self-Love Business With Your Picture Frames

Posted on: 3 April 2018

Self-love is a practice that many people are seeing as more important. Loving yourself means higher self-esteem, a better attitude, and nicer outlook on life in general. To facilitate self-love, vanities and small spaces are being built in many homes. These vanities and corners are often spaces that people use to get ready in the morning and use to meditate. If your business is looking for a way to hone in on niche framing services, here are some way that you can become dedicated to self-love picture framing

Create custom frames with mottos

Many people have a personal motto, scripture, or mantra that speaks to their idea of truly loving themselves. Offer custom picture frame services that imprint a person's motto in a frame of their choice. By offering this service for a minimal cost, you will get customers who are looking for inspiration for their new self-love practice or those who are gifting inspirational items to those in need of a boost. Allow customers to create their own frame by selecting the frame material, color, and any wording that is placed on the frame. 

Offer retouched photographs

Photo retouching services are something that you should consider offering alongside your custom framing services. Inside of the picture frame, most people will want to have a photograph that inspires them to think about love or even a picture of themselves. Offer picture retouching services so that those who are interested in a self-love space will be able to have their picture printed and make it look perfect along with their frame. If possible, allow the customer to send you the photo on the internet and print it to their specifications. 

Provide bulk frame sales

There are self-help authors, motivational speakers, and leaders of movements who have aligned themselves with self-love as the cornerstone of their practice. Many of these people may be interested in having frames to offer to their clients, or they may wish to include picture frames as a gift with purchase. Offer bulk frame purchases for those who are interested in giving your frames to customers. If there are stores that are interested in selling your picture frames, offer them a vendor contract to purchase for a low cost and/or split the sales. Bulk frames can be a few types of custom picture frames or one of a kind frames.