Tips To Help You Care For Your Spray Foam Equipment

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Spray foam is a material that can have a number of important uses in construction projects. Whether it is used to apply foam roofing or insulation, this material needs a powerful system to distribute it. While spray foam equipment is extremely effective at this task, the equipment that is needed to do this requires extensive care to keep it functional. After purchasing your equipment from a company such as Spray Equipment and Coatings Inc, follow these recommended steps to keep it running at peak performance.

Clean the Nozzles After Each Use

A nozzle is necessary to allow the spray foam to be projected with enough force to get it into position. However, many individuals will fail to appreciate the need to clean these nozzles after each use. Without proper cleaning the spray foam will solidify inside the nozzle, which can lead to difficult-to-remove clogs. In addition to thoroughly wiping down the exterior, you should also rinse out the nozzle after each use to remove any spray foam that may still be trapped inside.

Prevent Corrosion from Forming

The exterior of most spray foam equipment is made of a very durable metal. Many individuals improperly store this equipment or use it in rainy conditions, and both mistakes can contribute to the equipment becoming severely corroded. As the corrosion forms and spreads, it will start to impact the performance of the system to the point where it may become unusable for your purposes. When you are storing the spray foam equipment, you should ensure that it is kept in an area that has low humidity so that condensation will not become a problem.

Change the Air Filter

To propel the spray foam with enough force, these systems will need a source of compressed air. In order to meet this need, a powerful compressor is used. These compressors need air filters to prevent dirt and large particulate debris from getting into the compressor. Over time, the air filter can become coated in a thick layer of these contaminants, and the filter must be replaced to keep the system working. Ideally, the filter should be checked once a week for units that are used on a regular basis.

Check the Lubrication Before Each Use

The various mechanical parts of spray foam equipment need to be lubricated if they are to stay functional. While the manufacturer will ensure that this equipment is lubricated before it is shipped to you, the lubrication will degrade due to use and exposure to the elements. By regularly checking the lubricant and adding more if necessary, you will be able to avoid the problems that a lack of lubrication can cause.