Five Things You Need To Know If You're Going To Be Operating A Rented Air Compressor

Posted on: 8 November 2017

If you're renting an air compressor, chances are you may not regularly use air compressors and you may not be completely familiar with air compressor operation.

The following are five helpful things you need to know if you're going to be considering air compressor rentals:

It's important to be aware of and pay attention to the voltage of the air compressor unit.

An air compressor can consume a great deal of power. Air compressors come in a variety of different voltages. It's important to make sure the voltage of your rented air compressor matches up with the outlet where you're plugging it in.

An improper voltage matchup for a compressor and outlet could do more than merely trip a circuit breaker. It could also create a fire hazard if you're not careful. 

The intake air of an air compressor contains pollutants and should not be breathed in.

You need to avoid breathing near any intake air around the air compressor. This air is polluted with a variety of different contaminants including carbon monoxide.

It's not only important to avoid breathing in intake air. It's also important to ensure proper air circulation around the entire area in which an air compressor is operating and being used to power tools. 

A rusty air compressor tank can be hazardous.

One of the biggest dangers presented by air compressor use is when the tank becomes rusty. This can create a severe fire hazard because the tank can become ripe for combustion. Make sure you're paying attention to the tank and inspecting it for any rust before you begin using the air compressor. 

You should not tamper with the relief valve of an air compressor because this can compromise safety.

The relief valve of an air compressor ensures that pressure remains high enough to keep pneumatic tools operating properly when the air compressor is powering them.

Don't tamper with the relief valve or you could prevent an air compressor from offering enough pressure to sufficiently and safely power the tools you're using. 

An air compressor operator needs to check the oil level of the unit before operation.

As in so many mechanical systems, the oil level is important to an air compressor's operation because it keeps parts lubricated and reduces friction.

Friction due to a lack of oil will allow heat to build up and could create a fire hazard. Also, inadequate oil in an air compressor engine will destroy the engine. If you're renting an air compressor for a while, you're going to have to be responsible for checking and refilling the oil yourself when necessary.