Additional Features To Consider With Your New Furnace

Posted on: 3 November 2017

When you're investing in a new furnace for your home, that's the perfect time to start thinking about extra features that you can add to make things easier and more functional. In fact, some of the add-ons can even save you money over time. Before you schedule your furnace installation, you should talk with your technician about the possibility of adding things like those mentioned here.

Zoned Heating System

Zoned heating is a great investment for convenience as well as cost savings. A heating system like this allows you to control the heat in different parts of the house separately. That means you can heat the upstairs to a different temperature than downstairs, or even set up zones in quadrants so that you can heat different areas of each floor to different temperatures.

This is ideal for homes where certain areas of the home are used a lot and others aren't, because you can keep the occupied areas warmer than those where you don't spend much time, turning up the heat in the infrequently occupied spaces only when you're using them. And, if you like the temperature cooler when you sleep but don't want to cool down the entire house, put the bedrooms on a separate zone so you can lower the temperature there.

High Quality Air Filters

The standard air filters that are installed with most furnaces get the job done, but only at the most basic standard. They are typically economy filters, so they don't get a lot of the smaller particles in the air. When you invest in high quality filters, like triple-filtration systems, you can improve the airflow through the system, the air quality in your home, and the condition of the furnace.

Remember that the more particles you keep out of the air intake, the fewer particles will settle in the furnace and around the burner. If you get too much dust and other debris in there, it can clog the furnace and cause it to work overtime, which will cost you more in fuel and such.

Digital Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is great for convenience, but also for your budget. When you can program your heating system to certain temperatures at specific times of day, you can avoid heating your home more than necessary while you're at work without having to come home to a cool house that's uncomfortable.

It's also great for those people who work early shifts, because getting up in the early hours of the morning can be cold, particularly if you like sleeping when it's cooler. Set your thermostat to warm the house up about a half-hour before you get up so that you're not shocked awake by the chill.

Enhanced Blower Motors

When you're looking to minimize the dust in the air and keep your heating system consistent, you should think about replacing the standard blower motor with a variable speed system. That way, the blower system will actually monitor the airflow in the house and adjust the blower speed as necessary to keep everything functioning efficiently and effectively. It's a small investment for a big payback in terms of comfort.

Whole-House Humidifier

Whether it's directly built into your furnace or installed as a stand-alone unit, adding a humidifier to your home is an important consideration. The cold air of winter is naturally drier than warmer air, because humidity dissipates in the cold. This can not only dry out your skin, encourage respiratory conditions, and cause static issues in the house, it can also lead to structural issues if the wood in the structure dries out too much.

A whole-house humidifier will put moisture back into the air in your home, keeping all of these concerns at bay. You can set it to a certain humidity level so that you don't end up with a damp environment, which could be just as bad. For more information, contact companies like Shakley Mechanical Inc.