Why Your Company Needs To Invest In Quality Office Chairs

Posted on: 27 October 2017

When it comes to running a business, employee satisfaction is key to ensuring that daily productivity is met. However, employee satisfaction can't start without a comfortable working environment. This is why your company needs to invest in good quality chairs. Here are some specific reasons why it's so important:

Lumbar Support

First off, your employees need to have their backs supported, especially for all day sitting. Without this, back strain is likely to occur that will lead to your employees taking longer breaks and constantly feeling a need to readjust, which also takes time away from work. Look for office chairs that have lumbar back support, which moves with the curvature of the spine for a natural sitting position. 

​Adjustable Arms

Many people don't realize the importance of adjustable arms let alone office chairs with arms in the first place. The reason this is important is because it gives your employees a chance to rest their arms at a natural position instead of having to keep them raised on the desk, which can cause stains in the arms. The reason they need to be adjustable is to ensure that employees with shorter arms or longer arms can still be comfortable. 

​Adjustable Seat

Many people also do not realize the importance of an adjustable seat that moves back and forwards. The reason this is important is because it ensures that your employees can adjust their seat so that the backs of their knees are not touching the seat. When this happens, it leads to imperfect posture while working. 

​Adjustable Tilt

Finally, you want to be sure that the tilt is adjustable, as well. This way, any employee who needs to incorporate more support for their backs can adjust the tilt to give way to providing that extra weight support. Of course, it should only adjust slightly instead of a full extension, which can cause improper posture and laziness. 

When adding office furniture to your office space, always put your employee's comfort needs first over anything else. This is just one small way to ensure that your company is that much more successful. You can be sure that less breaks are needed between employees and each task is done faster and more efficiently. This leads to overall employee satisfaction, as well, which is another key component to successful productivity rates and for keeping valuable employees a part of your team for the long haul.